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Hyegiir Products

Our products are basically classified into five main categories, namely, Bandages, Nasal strips, First-aid kits, Medical tapes and dressings and the raw materials for the manufacture of those products. All the products are sterilized and sample-tested in bio-labs. The production procedures follow the international ISO13485 regulations and all the products follow the European CE standards.

List of Categories

  • Adhesive Bandages
    Small dressing used for injuries not serious enough to require a full-size bandage. It protects the cut, e.g. from friction, bacteria, damage, or dirt. more...
  • Adhesive Bandages in boxes
    All bandages and plasters can be orderd in cold seal paper package (sterility guaranteed) or in boxes. All box designs can be customer specified. more...
  • Medical Tapes
    Help to hold a dressing onto a wound. It will generally have a gentle hypoallergenic adhesive, and be breathable to allow air to reach the skin. more...
  • First-aid Kits
    First aid kits can be assembled in almost any type of container, and this will depend on whether they are commercially produced or assembled by an individual. more...
  • Other Medical Dressings
    Other functional dressings including nasal strips that help create better airways for nose and belly button plaster that prevent invfection for newborn babies. more...

New Products

  • August 21, 2012

    A new type of suture strips is under development. It completely replaces the conventional needle sewing and it's pain free! Check it.

  • May 18, 2012

    A new generation of nasal strips that can provide better air flow for your nose was just released. Check it.