About Hyegiir

Hyegiir Medical Supply Co. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of medical disposables. We supply all types of adhesive bandages including comfortable bandage, flexible bandage, waterproof bandage, cartoon bandage, PU bandage, infusion strips, suture strips etc. All products can be packaged in boxes with custom specified size and printings. All products are follows CE standard and the production procedures follow the international ISO13485 standards.

Our Advantages

  • Cutting-edge Technology
    Our research team is constantly developing new production technologies as well as new ideas in diagnosis and treatment. It is our belief that innovation is the key to real advantages.
  • Earnest Attitude
    We treat every detail in every step as carefully as possible since years of experience keep reminding us that serious attitude would exchange for high quality products and the smile of customers.
  • Experienced Employees
    The employees are the core! Thus, not only our workers are always equipped with the best working tools but also with knowledges, experience and, most importantly, the spirit of teamwork.
  • Standardized Production
    We've made protocals for all the procedures in production, storage, administration and other daily affairs so that the possibility of making mistakes can be greatly minimized.

New Products

  • August 21, 2012

    A new type of suture strips is under development. It completely replaces the conventional needle sewing and it's pain free! Check it.

  • May 18, 2012

    A new generation of nasal strips that can provide better air flow for your nose was just released. Check it.